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Teaching  Philosophy

Dr. Jared Sims

I believe that the cornerstone to my teaching philosophy is motivation—for the student to be excited to learn, to have specific goals, and to have a strong desire to put forth the efforts to expand and improve their skills. Part of developing a strong motivation within a school of music is creating a culture of learning. Specifically, I create a culture of jazz in which students matriculate through the jazz program exploring their creativity and having an enjoyable experience while at the same time certain expectations are implied—such as a professionalism in rehearsals and an expectation to spend time individually in the practice room. I have a strong passion for the genre of jazz, but I also view jazz education as a methodology that provides an approach to music making. For example, jazz training can help a classical musician be more comfortable performing with an accompanist. Also, jazz students refine their ear training skills and work to connect their ears with their instruments and these are skills that can be used in other genres such as classical, funk, rock, and other styles.Some of my favorite teachers were mentors who were searching for answers and were continuing their own musical growth. I try my best to lead by example and to let my students know that I am trying to continue to grow as an artist. A sense of humility is also very important given that musicians need to interact respectfully with one another.  

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