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Jared Sims 

Musician and Jazz Educator • (617) 233-9552

LinkedIn • Morgantown, WV 26501 

Highly innovative, adaptable professional with vast experience preserving and enhancing the legacy of jazz while introducing fresh, creative perspectives; driven by a deep passion for music education, combined with a unique ability to connect with students. 

Areas of Expertise 

Jazz Studies 

·      Multitalented as both an educator and performer, bringing real-world perspective to an academic learning environment. 

Team/Student Mentorship 

·      Reliable team leader recognized for dedication, creative problem-solving and unmatched work ethic. 

Event & Ensemble Management

·      Energetic performer with rich experience in organizing performances in a wide variety of venues; dedicated to professional growth via new teaching techniques. 

Relevant Talent

·     Culturally aware with exposure to various music genres and global settings; adding a rich, diverse perspective to teaching and performances. 

Career Experience 

West Virginia University – Morgantown, WV                                                                    Aug. 2016 – Present 

Director of Jazz Studies 

Establish strong collaboration with academic departments to identify and attract top-performing students and faculty members. Create and implement customized curriculum based on student-specific needs and learning styles. Coordinate and oversee planning and execution of ensembles and performances while maintaining a high standard of professionalism and quality. Develop and incorporate audition criteria and standards for prospective students aligned with mission and goals. Ensure seamless operations and exceptional experiences at jazz festivals and major events through optimal oversight. Teach courses on topics related to jazz studies along with maintaining an international profile. Mentor graduate teaching assistants with teaching undergraduates and invite guest jazz artists and pedagogues to work and perform with students. Contribute to faculty governance and engage in effective service. Collaborate closely with fellow faculty and facilitate instrumental area activities as an integral faculty member. Steer various events by securing guest performers and rallying regional jazz ensembles for workshops, and assessments, and performances. 

Key Accomplishments 

·      Guided and supported students throughout their academic journey by offering advice and mentoring to ensure success in their respective degree programs. 

·      Integrated modified curriculum while preserving mutual respect and understanding among team members, validating the rationale behind paradigm shift and maintaining professional rapport.

·      Designed and implemented engaging lesson plans for private music lessons, ensembles, and classroom courses, fostering musical growth and development.

·      Mentored students struggling with course obligations by acknowledging emotional challenges impeding academic progress. 

·      Constructed dual jazz initiatives at separate premier state institutions. 

University of Rhode Island – Kingston, RI                                                                  

Aug. 2005 – May 2016 

Saxophone Professor and Assistant Director of Jazz 

Provided personalized instruction for students in concert saxophone technique. Developed individualized lesson plans based on each student's skill level and goals. Instructed individuals in private jazz saxophone lessons as well as provided guidance and relevant instructions. Delivered engaging lectures on the History of Jazz course. 

Key Accomplishments 

·      Transitioned from a minuscule commitment of two hours weekly to building and embracing a demanding full-time role with day-to-day responsibilities and extensive hours.

·      Guided and mentored jazz combos, providing valuable instruction and feedback on musical technique, improvisation, and ensemble performance. 

·      Elevated major programs to unprecedented levels, resulting in enduring transformation.

·      Cultivated and retained invaluable relationships among community partners. 


Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), Woodwind Performance 

Boston University – Boston, MA 

Masters of Music, Contemporary Improvisation 

New England Conservatory – Boston, MA 

Bachelor of Music, Performance 

West Virginia University - Morgantown, WV 

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